Orion 200i
Orion 200i

Orion i Series intelligent Welding

             Orion 200i


  An evolution in micro pulse arc welding! Built on the stability of the Orion platform – the Orion 200i² (Patent D740,338) takes that next leap forward by delivering the most innovative and versatile welder on the market today. The Orion 200i² features Orion’s proprietary Intelligent Welding™ technology. This technology simplifies the welding process by automatically adjusting weld settings for any metal or application. In addition, users can experience interactive touch screen navigation, high-frequency agitation for difficult-to-weld metals like palladium, adaptive weld ignition for longer electrode life, a rapid-fire setting for laser like welding, and more.

Orion  250s
Orion 250s

Orion welder series  S

     Orion 250   250juls


The Orion s Series welders are powerful and robust micro pulse arc welders, and are ideal for many different applications including mold repair, medical devices, working with wires, jewelry, and other unique welding solutions. Sunstone Technology is infused into the Orion s welders to deliver power, repeatability, adjustability and affordability.



Orion 100c
Orion 100c

Orion  welder  series  C

   puls und  Micromode


  The Orion 100c is the compact, entry-level Orion welder, and was designed and developed to meet the needs of the market – smaller footprint to save space, easy-to-use touch screen interface for quick access and adjustments of welding parameters, high-frequency agitation options for difficult to weld metals, and all this at a low initial cost.

orion mpulse30
orion mpulse30

Orion Mpulse30

Introducing the newest member of the Orion Pulse Arc Welder family—The Orion mPulse 30.

With a 30ws power potential, this small and friendly welder can be used by almost anyone and has the power to tackle all sorts of jobs. It’s perfect for those needing a welder for making quick, small welds on a light duty cycle.

The mPulse power settings range from 5.0ws to 30ws, in 2.5ws increments—that’s 11 different power settings to choose from. The weld spot size on the smallest setting is nearly 1mm, depending upon your material. The largest setting of 30ws will yield a weld spot approximately 1.5mm in diameter, again, depending upon the material you’re welding.


Unsere neu Nano technologie
Die chemische Nanotechnologie ist ein kleiner Bereich der Nanotechnologie, der sich mit der Herstellung und Weiterverarbeitung von Nanomaterialien oder Nanopulver beschäftigt
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