GST-2A Wax Stone Setter


Our  GST-2A has been specifically for the  Jewelry Industry  in the area of the Casting with Stones.

the speciality  of  our maschin  is:


1- In adittion to taking the stone with aspiration by a vacuum pump,and at the same time heating the stone for good and secure placement  in the  waxmodel

2- all the  stones with  the  GST-2A is placed no fall, for they shall be  attached to the wax modell  by the heat.

3-Thanks  the  tecknologie used here, the Temperature can be adjusted to any  type  and sizes of  Stone.

this Temperatur can be store in the database for  further work  with  the same Stone.

4-  The perfect system of interchangeable tips. allow us to change the tips quickly and safely, and to work with different sizes of stones
5 - Sleep and Hibernation Functions
This system automatically reduces tip temperature of 200 ° C to 50 ° C when the handpiece (Pistol) rests on the stand.
The station will automatically go into sleep mode, at room temperature, and when the programmed time is reached Turn the power off.
Increase both Sleep and Hibernation sistem the life of the maschin 5 times
6 - When the hand piece (pistol) is removed from the hinvernationSystem. the machine reaches its temperature within 10 to 15 seconds. 

7 - Our vacuum pumps are specially designed for a robust and quiet smooth operation.


Technical  specifications

Weight:                                           4.4 kg (9.6 lb) (with out packing)

 power:                                          230V / 120V / 100V
 in fusse:                                       1A fuse (230V), 2A (120V), 2.5A (100V)
out performance acute power:          130W / 23.5V
Wahltempertaura:                            50-200 ° C / 190-840 ° F
Tip to ground resistance :                 <2 ohms
Tip-earth voltage:                            <2mV RMS
Plants T Ambient temp:                     10-40 ° C / 50-104 ° F
USB interface station-pc :                  on Board
packet Gewichht:(with packing)          5.2 kg
Packet size:                                     370x370x200mm