Rodium concentrate JE88



Rhodium concentrate JE 88-100 ml 2g Rh
The gloss rhodium JE 20 is used for many decorative purposes because of its high corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and its snow Assign color. Rhodiumniederschlage also serve as anti-tarnish for silverware. The rhodium JE 20 separates high gloss layers from to 0.5 microns.
Working conditions:
- Rhodium 2 g / l
- Anode material Platinised Titan
- Anode / cathode surface 1: 1
- Tank material PPH
- Badfiltrierung required
- Goods Movement advantageous
- Voltage about 2 - 3 volts
- Working temperature 30 degrees
- Deposition weight 6-10 mg A / min
- Current a density of 0.5 - 2 A / dm 2
- Deposition 0.07 microns / min at 1 A / dm 2

JE 622 envisment  Remover


By cooking, the  JE622, Eliminates the annoying and dangerous work with sulfuric acid. JE622 can be Easily rinsed off and the solution must not be Brought to a boil. 150-200g powder Dissolved in 1 liter of demineralized water.

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Die chemische Nanotechnologie ist ein kleiner Bereich der Nanotechnologie, der sich mit der Herstellung und Weiterverarbeitung von Nanomaterialien oder Nanopulver beschäftigt
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