GST 3 for  2 Working places
GST 3 for 2 Working places

GST3 StonWax setter Maschin

           For 2 Working  places


  GTS-3 was designed specifically for the jewelry industry developed, for  casting with stones.

The specialty of our machine

Very Quiet and More Powerful

The GST3 IS DESIGNED FOR 2 Working places

1 - in addition to taking the stone by a vacuum ejector, and at the same time the stone heating for good and secure placement in wax.
2- All stones with GST3 placed will not fall.
because they are fixed model with the wax by the heat.
3- thanks to the technology used here. the temperature can be adjusted to any type and size of the stone.
this temperature can be stored in the database for further work with the same stones.
4- The perfect system of interchangeable tips. allow us to change the points quickly and safely, and to work with different sizes stones

The station is automatically switched off, at room temperature, and when the programmed time is reached Turn the power off.

5- From our experience the GST 3 is extra especially robust and silent built for a smooth operation designed.
6- second person can work equilateral with differentiated temperatures
7- Our new vacuum system, the GTS 3 stronger and silent vacuum system
8- The GST3 is also designed for other work with the wax (waxmodelig, wax caring tree  and also wax repair working)
9- The strong  vakuum  system can be  regulated.

Technical Specifications

he air pressure of 4 to 6bar Maximun (with an air hose 6 mm dia)

Gewicht 3.2kg (9.6 lb)

230V / 120V / 100V
Eingan fuse 1A (230V), 2A (120V), 2.5A (100V)

Ausganleistung acute power130W / 23.5V


Unsere neu Nano technologie
Die chemische Nanotechnologie ist ein kleiner Bereich der Nanotechnologie, der sich mit der Herstellung und Weiterverarbeitung von Nanomaterialien oder Nanopulver beschäftigt
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