Antitarnish Nano 25 Artikel G-0008
Antitarnish Nano 25 Artikel G-0008

 Antitarnish NANO 25 .,G-0008

For the Antitarnishing of silver. gold with copper alloy , addition to hydrogen sulfide still some harmful gases such as sulfur oxides , nitrogen oxides and chlorine are responsible , the relative humidity is also important.

The Antitarnish nano 25 is an immersion method based on water to avoid start-up effects on silver , gold with a lot of copper alloys The protective effect is good, that are rejected for reasons of environmental protection or waste water load . The easy to use dipping solution contains no environmentally harmful components , in particular no chlorofluorocarbons or chromium compounds. With proper treatment, plated ware obtain a secure storage protection , the largely hand - and abrasion resistant , resistant .

Antitarnish nano 25 can be applied to both decorative silver-plated silver-plated parts as well as to parts of electrical engineering.

The method also protects copper against oxidative discoloration and prevents tarnishing for silver diffusion in thin gilded silver.
If silver plated dry goods protected , so the one-step application of NANO 25 is sufficient If silver plated goods in the wet state are protected , so is the water displacement Antitarnish pre- dip upstream .

The information in this data sheet is based on laboratory and field experiences . Replenishment quantities and control limits as a function of material type and geometry , their application and systems engineering , if necessary, of the
Information may differ in the instructions , this information is not binding

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